What's wrong with my blog and my being gay?


People had been asking me why I made a blog like this and I said, why not? Why should I hold on to my emotions and bar myself from shouting out which I know would be the way I could keep my sanity? 

Another said, why flaunt on your sexuality? Again I said, why not? I have been a witness to a lot of pretensions and pretenders in society that promoted more of divisiveness and misunderstanding rather unite and promote understanding.

Is there something bad about what I am doing? I do not think so. Legalese minds would agree to me that all of these are part of my freedom of expression and I know my limitations, I have burned enough midnight candles with my law degree and I know where I should stop. No one should teach me this basic rule on freedom as I am guided with the principle that the sublime paralytic hero Apolinario Mabini said that "freedom is doing of what is right and not one pleases".

I know what I am doing is right.

A lot is in the blog, politics, life, society and my being gay. It is what a blog should be. Right? Thank you for those who support what I do, good riddance for those who have raised their brows. Go raise more.


Anonymous said...

June, I have more respect in gays who tell the world that they are gay than those who have kept it in the closet, got married, have children. And in the long run, after the wife has lost her youth and beauty, after the children can now fully understand, he came out in the open and say I am gay--and left them all confused and broken. I've seen it happen and all I can say, THAT IT IS ABSOLUTELY UNFAIR TO MAKE YOUR LOVED ONES BELIEVE IN A LIE.

So to you, and all to the open gays in the world, I SALUTE YOU FOR YOUR HONESTY AND BRAVERY. Cheers!


june said...

thanks so much jackie...

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