A reprint from my facebook notes, a follow up on the earlier post.thanks)

I have made rounds like a doctor, i have scanned all numbers like an operator, i have sent emails like a salesman and i have prayed hard like a saint. after i released my first note, hundreds of inbox messages flowed in some expressions of worry, expressions of support and others seem to be not getting my point. but life is like that, we can never expect people to feel what we feel, understand what needs to be understood.

first stop was the pdea. i called friends and mind you, they told me that they do not have a tumba droga program in the province as the program is for the youth and i am not a youth as defined by our national laws, thus i could not be part of such list if any. but what worried them is that their office may be used by scrupulous individuals to promote their personal gains. but they promised to investigate as they are also wary and dont want to paint a bad image in the locality and be used by politicians.

next stop was the nbi, again denied any list or its existence but also buys the idea of the pdea. these people are not from pagadian as they have advised me not to trust anyone at this point especially with the local protectors as i may be pushing myself to the pit if true that they are masked. for the past few days that i am lying low, i spent my time with my son and it was worth it. i discovered the fact that spending time with our kids should be quality time and not how long we are with them.

i also wish to thank the local media who also made efforts to spread the news regarding my predicament and so as my facebook friends nationwide. i appreciate it so much. especially those who offered asylum, mind you there were a lot. i could really feel the love and the respect my friends have for me. i thank you again. meantime, i am still waiting for other developments and i am not taking matters sitting down. if i remain helpless, these demons would think they can use the force of the law and hide behind the cloak of legitimate government operations to serve their evil ends. this will soon be divulged in His time.

again, salamat sa lahat. i appreciate your sincere messages and offers, i shall treasure it forever. i shall remain indebted.


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