Gibo, takbo! Andyan si Gloria!


It was a perfect plan, a perfect jump ship from the Nationalist People’s Coalition to the Lakas Party as the latter is the ruling party with the Chief Executive as Party Chairperson, indeed it was a perfect plan with the perfect people.

So he thought. The election fever is now at hand and the campaign trail has been going on. The surveys are not getting any better, the sorties sans the much fanfare obviously the pack lacks the resource.

The notable absence of the president GMA in the trail raised doubts. The financial backing of the party is also questioned, no doubt about it, even the vice presidential bet has not been seen in any television campaign ad only Sulong Gibo, a lot of planes he has lifted off. But no Papa Edu. He is sometimes nowhere to be seen in the sorties, others say he purposely never attended due to reason that the party lacks the proper backing.

The talk about Villaroyo plans also leaked. It was said that Villar had the secret backing of Arroyo thus explaining why the Party Chair Emeritus did not do any campaign no even said a word in her speeches calling for support for Gibo and party.

Days ago, Gibo resigned as party chair of Lakas, with the reason that he cannot concentrate on his campaign if he still acts as party chair. Tonight he said while in Maasin City , Southern Leyte that “hindi nahahati ang katawan ko”.

But wait, Governor Migs Dominguez of Sarangani also followed suit and resigned as regional chair of the party followed by Secretary General of the party, Mr. Manglapus.

Other party members are expected to follow, as the grapevine has declared.

Indeed, Gibo has felt the pain in the neck. It is obvious in the goings on of the party. His ambition for the presidency is dimming, thanks to his fellow party members who has not shown any loyalty at all to the party like Zubiri of Bukidnon, a Lakas stalwart but threw his hat on Villar, Congresswoman Ruiz of Cebu also of the Lakas now supports Vilar, Governor Cerilles of Zamboanga del Sur is with Lakas but her husband running with her as Governor while the wife as representative of the 2nd district is running under a different party to get a good catch of the manna from parties, the wife Lakas, the husband NPC and entertained also Villar and Erap when they came to the province.

There are a lot who betrayed the ruling party and yet filed their candidacies in the name of Lakas. Others betrayed because they cannot accept newcomer Gibo to be standard bearer bypassing the others like Bayani who has been with the party for years. They also betrayed because they were not pressured by the President to support Gibo while Villar already poured in the much needed resource which is what the local leaders need. It is obvious that the party never made efforts to support the team because of the want of advertisements by the party and the leaders like Ramos and Arroyo have not been seen campaigning for them.

Now, De Venecia also a Lakas stalwart who was against the merger of the Lakas Kampi party is now declaring that Lakas will name a candidate they will support after the declaration of Gibo and others. This is another blow to Gibo’s ambition.

Gibo should accept the fact that the administration is not serious with him. He should find ways and means of pulling his act together and do an effective campaign and be truthful to the people, not defending the administration of their shortcomings and issues. Should he be truthful and be with the majority pulse, he could add up on surveys as the distrust of the people is high on the present sitting president and her allies. The administration is pulling him down and he should admit this fact. More so, the administration is not helping him and has in fact becoming more of a liability than an asset to his campaign.

Gibo should switch gears. He should tell all. He should  fly his green plane without the baggage, the administration. He is too conscious of his defending GMA while the pulse of the people is against GMA. Admittedly, he has the brains for a president, education credentials are beyond question, the looks could kill, the verbal abilities very excellent. To push it all for the positive, ride on the pulse President Gibo before everything for you will be Gibo’s “bigo”. He could win if he decides. His wife Nikki is the 3rd richest congressperson last year.

The President is not campaigning for you, she is for Villar and local leaders can attest to that, just ask them and they will be truthful to you. You just have to be truthful first. Tell all.


Anonymous said...

I agree on the part nga ang villarryo alliance is real. Gibo remains a member of the lakas kampi cmd. mas mo boost ang iyang campaingn now nga d na siya madala sa admins hook. i really believe in Teodoro's platform rather than the others. it seems nga siya ang most qualified i mean over qualified nga ma president sa philippines. Don't let mama and papa influence you because dili tanang anak ma liwat sa ginikanan. Ayaw sad mo ug tuo anang si Mr X ang mka pawala sa ka lisud sa nasud kay bsan ang mas dato nga nasud nato naglisud. I'm not against the other good candidates. But gusto ko talaga ng magaling at matalino. Shock lng ko nga most of the people in the survey sa blog kay noy2? mawala daw ang corruption? well... tuo sad mo? mawala ra ang corruption kng ilisan tanan ang pulitko sa nasud. In a system like ours it's hard to do that. Ako makig pusta ko ninyo ug kinabuhi d pa mahuman ang termino n noy2 naa lng ghpn ang corruption! now is not the time to experiment. Now is the time to make Progress! so i choose teodoro

JUNE said...

yes i could not agree with you more. indeed corruption has been in the system and hard to erase but let us remain hopeful. let us just hope that gibo will do his best as i believe his intentions are good. the baggage he is bringing pulls him down. good post, mr anonymous

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