To my man, for you to read my heart...


Dear Richard,

I wish to thank you for staying with me through all these years, you never changed except for the better and indeed,  am grateful. Haba nga ng hair ko, eh. Sino ba naman ang mag aakala na ang isang kagaya ko ay mabibigyang halaga ng isang katulad mo. You, everything that I prayed for rolled into one. Yet, fate is not fair, as one can never have everything.

But, I could not ask for more. This is more than enough.

It was almost four years ago, we met in Cagayan de Oro City and you were still about two months in that city from Silay City in Negros, while I am from Pagadian City. I was a frequent visitor of the city as I finished my Law degree in Xavier University and you were there staying with your uncle seeking for work. Maraming kadramahan mga buhay natin, mas madrama ang sa iyo. You have tried every work available and you all did it for your family, all I could do was admire your love for them.

Just like a man courting a woman, I did it to you for weeks. Nagpa cute talaga ako para lang maisahan kita, tama ba yun? Anyway, nagpaloko ka naman at naging tayo.

Next is, because of the closeness that we shared and I cannot bare the thought that we are apart, I took the courage to invite you to Pagadian and be with me, wake up with me and share life with me and it took time before you obliged and even your uncle went to Pagadian with you just to see if you will not be eaten alive here. But, you were to be followed despite of your uncle’s protest, you came like a sudden breeze that blew in my life when everything that I wanted was some new fresh air to start anew. You were there.

There was this fear that the Richard I came to know would change, I feared that you were at the height of pretenses and hidden in a mask that I should unravel slowly as the time goes by. But, to my  contentment, you changed, for the better. Takot ako kasi Ilonngo ka, forgive me but I thought you were the airy type as said by many that Ilonggos are hambug and assuming, but they were wrong. Illongos are sweet, charismatic and sincere.

With my mood swings, you handled it well. My patience, exploding like a nuclear bomb at times, you just remained calm and quiet. You are a peace maker. You make good coffee, a nice hand in massage from work and a good father to RJ. Yes, our RJ which I decided without your approval but when the baby came, just 20 days old, you made me feel that I made the right decision. You were never taught how to handle a baby, fragile as he was, but you showed me how. Now that RJ is one year old, I cant wait for the time that he will be out there running with you.

I wrote you online because I need to know that I am making a blog and I am planning to go all the way with it. I am gay and I need you to understand that there may be articles here that will make you angry, jealous (ows...haba ng hair?), happy maybe and whatever but I need to be consistent.

But whatever that may appear on the blog is just me and be assured that I am with you, through thick and thin. Dont be bothered, I am just expressing views and my being me as I am proud to be me, gay and you as my partner in life.

I just can remember when there was someone who asked about us and questioned, why did you choose me? Bakit daw ako? I never mind, I just laughed? Bakit nga ba ako?

Again, salamat. I could not ask for more, gang. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and now, RJ. Both of you are my world and my life. I could never imagine life without you. Be assured, I will always be yours, i will live life with you, in whatever forms it would be.

I love you.

Sincerely, with all my love,



Joshua said...

Is that him??

wow, super envy.

Mag lalaw din ako sa Xavier cagayan at kukuha rin ako nyan


Thanks for sharing

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