My Richard and our baby


Richard came to my life in an opportune time, it was when I was on my loneliest times that one may think of negative ways of dealing with it. But remaining hopeful that a knight in shining armor would come, he did came.

That was four years ago. It was never an easy journey to lead him to my heart and stay there with my lock and key. Now, we are happy, I could comfortably say.

Who would expect that I could have a man in my life from Negros and me from Mindanao, staying with me hopefully for good?

Another agreed challenge came and we thought that we should get a third party to add color to our daily routine as we struggle and remain alive in this very challenging game called life. Dont ask where the baby came from, it was just a position that was too delicate to discuss in public, if you know what I mean.

Daily I ask the LORD to give us strength and the courage to live a life we choose to have, especially with the prying eyes of a conservative and at times hypocritical society. You may call it conservatism.

One thing is certain, as long as we are not stepping other's shoes and mindful only of what we have and our very own affairs, i know we will be okey, in His will.


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