(This is a reprint of my notes in my facebook acccount and I find it helpful to my plight if I post it here, too.)

The past 48 hours had been tough, two officemates were killed, Hanera and Steve.They were allegedly included in the tumba droga campaign which this government thinks is the best solution to the illegal drugs campaign, so they say.

I ask, whatever happened to justice and due process? I conclude,it is only best in books. To my dismay, I received an information that I am included in the list and that means,they have to kill me, too. This is what I get from working with the Municipal Mayor of Labangan Zamboanga del Sur as Administrator and at the same time Municipal Planning and Development Officer. I am loyal to my boss because that is what I learned from being a professional, doing everything legal as long as it remains within my sphere of responsibilities and within the bounds of law. But my boss is anti-Cerilles, so the problem sets in.

My family is also a victim of the people in power during the Erap regime and no one helped us except ourselves but we prevailed because the law took our side. They have branded me together with the others in the list as DRUG LORDS, MONEY LAUNDERERS, AND GUNRUNNERS. They should have brought me to court to prove their point and make me pay for my crimes, if any. But they chose to do the easier wrong and it is the government that I am working with that is doing it. They want summary execution with a color, execute only those who are against the people in power and those that hinder their political agenda, to stay in power. More so, my boss jumped ship and is now a Liberal which is against the party in power in the province. But this doesn't scare me, as I am not afraid of it. I am not guilty, not a tint of their accusation paints me. I even spoke to one NBI officer and offered that I sign any waiver for them to point to me where my crime is and what I did to transgress the law, they never made an effort. All they know is summary execution, kill without hesitation those whom they have listed in their order of battle. There is one thing that is certain, killing me wont solve the problem this society is experiencing, it will only worsen the distrust of the people.

Friends have told me to do things like calling a press conference but media in Pagadian wont be caring too much of me, who am I to be in their headlines? If they succeed, as I cant be a magician to stop them, may they take care of my 10 month old son whom I love so dearly. He does not have a mother, now they are trying to take away me, his father. For you who thinks that these killings will work, I am praying for you that you rethink your actions. You could have dragged me to the police station or the NBI office for questioning, you could have invited me to wherever to prove your charge but again, that is not the cup of tea of the PDEA, NBI and the PNP. Firing your guns are better. I may be gone but the wisdom will remain in the minds of my family, friends and to others who are one with me in condemning your politically colored anti drug campaign.

FINALLY, LET ME SAY WITH GOD AS MY WITNESS, I AM NOT AN INCH OF YOUR ACCUSATION AS I AM NOT A DRUGLORD, NOT A MONEY LAUNDERER AND CERTAINLY NOT A CRIMINAL, good for the latter as he still has a day in court. May the Good Lord bless and keep you, liquidators. For those of you who reads this, please advise me and help me in my predicament so they will also listen to the small voice in me. 



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