Doing facebook and my very nice blog (i said it.), there really are too many things in mind and today, came a rushing and elating news about Ricky Martin (yes, living la vida loca Ricky) openly admitting that he is gay and is very fortunate that he is. I am happy for you Mr. Martin, you never failed my adoration for you, your music and your masculine physique (hmmm.. why should people like you admit that you're gay...LOL).

What do I get from this blog? Nothing, just a sense of pride that I am doing something and expressing my views about society, people and HIV and proudly saying to the world that I am like Ricky Martin, gay. Magkalevel na kami, hahahaha.

Aside from Ricky Martin admitting that he is like me, here are other things that strike me today:

1. The fall of Villar in the surveys which is expected in my own analysis. He has been a consistent liar and people have discovered it courtesy of many crawlers, worthy of my praise.
2. The fact that our local politicians are not sincere, except for the Liberals, that they are choosing who to campaign and support outside their political parties. (i.e. Gibo Teodoro for President and Loren for Vice-President) Courting trouble should I say.
3. The not so surprising surveys in Pagadian that Ariosa leads comfortably in online polls and other informal surveys versus Tony Cerilles. People in Pagadian and nearby municipalities really knows the man, ug kinsay kusog mamatid, managpa, manginsulto ug muistorya murag walay kamatayun. Again, good choice..
4. The statement of Victor Yu that he is media shy. Yes, he said that in one of the media gatherings! Question is, what is he doing in a public office that considers media as a primary partner in the delivery of services and programs from the office he is into? Ang maayo niya, magnegosyo na lang, at least walay media ug dili siya angay mag shy...
5. Unsa pa ba? SUNOD NA PUD. KAPOY... At least, I have started typing in what I feel and what I perceive, my primary purpose of making this blog, gay and proud to be.

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