My SSEAYP Experience (Part II)

Thank you for following this post, with the intention of making those interested with the program an idea what they will be diving into. Although no two experiences are the same, your experience may have been better than mine, or worst, just read on. I also want to share some loopholes that the NYC can correct especially with its new commissioners.

The Pre-Departure Training:

We were all herded to Imus, Cavite in a bus, i was seated with a Bedan student, now a promising lawyer, Bedict. he hails from Ormoc so he speaks Bisaya which is a breather. He is also a college student that time.

The training venue was good, food was great. We were packed by threes in a room and I was with Jojo, now a pastor from Samar and Elmer, an Ilonggo, now working abroad. I discovered at this point that there were people from Manila who applied in Manila but bringing the regions they were from. Just like my counterpart from region 9, Elnora, applied in Manila bringing Region 9 as she was originally from my city, Pagadian.

The training was demanding, not for those who wake up so late in the morning. Representatives from ASEAN coutries were invited to talk about their countries and teach us basic language. Food from their respective countries were also served for us to get the feel of it and Thai food was not my cup of tea, i don't like hot food.

There was also the alumni night were members of the alumni gather with us in the training venue and talk about their personal experiences. Our batch had the Miss Nippon Maru where representatives from various sold groups, that is how we were grouped, fields a candidate for the pageant. But the contestants were all males who will dress up as females. I volunteered for my group not knowing that it was some sort of a Miss Gay pageant to the surprise and dismay of the other volunteers. Well, that was my cup of tea, should I say. I am gay, you see. But I lost, Carlo the doctor won with all plastic black garbage bags used as his gown as no ladies' dress would fit her. I did not protest, mind you.

The training team did a wonderful job as it resulted to a very united batch which until now after so many years are still feeling like PYs (Participating Youths) as you are called as such if you are a delegate. An alumni is also called an Ex-PY.

With the training design they imposed, we were able to know each and every person in the batch, personal or otherwise. We made friends, and ripened to brothers and sisters up to this time.

Committees were also formed during the PDT. I was in the Committee on Cultural Show and also in the Solicitation Committee. Yes, there was a solicitation committee as the government cannot shoulder everything. But if your batch will be contented with what is available, then your batch may go in G strings and all.
Our batch wanted more so we do not have to spend and shell out from our personal pockets, to the point of soliciting films for our cameras. Yes, films because the memory cards now are not yet in the Philippines.

I also remember that our jackets for sports attire were given by Jaworski. There were a lot of donations that I have forgotten almost all.

Shirts were also given by Tokyo Pacific courtesy of Frankie so as socks.


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