Muslims assail ban on minarets


March 27, 2010, 7:33pm-

COTABATO CITY – Thousands of Muslims converged at a public square in this city to condemn a recent move in Switzerland banning the construction of minarets in mosques.

Muslim religious leaders in Mindanao headed by Sheikh Jaapar Ali spearheaded the rally which was participated in by various Islamic schools and other non-governmental organizations and civilians.

Minarets are distinctive architectural features of Islamic mosques – generally tall spires with onion-shaped or conical crowns, usually either free standing or taller than any associated support structure. The basic form includes a base, shaft, and gallery. Styles vary by region and by period. Minarets provide a visual focal point and are used for the call to prayer.

As this developed, several sectors who were in attendance delivered speeches denouncing the Swiss law which for them discriminate the Muslims in Switzerland.
Sheikh Ali also read the manifesto of the groups as he called on all ulamas or religious and political leaders, individuals, and the Organization of Islamic Conference to appeal to the Swiss government to uphold the universal principles for the freedom of religion and the rights of minorities in Switzerland, and in other parts of the world.

Ustadz Norden Hussain, who represented the group of Imams in the city, also called on all Muslims in the world to stand united in condemning the Swiss law.
 MY STAND: The Swiss Government is making a mockery out of the oldest religion and is hurling insults to Muslims worldwide against their kind, humans. What if a similar ban would also be made on Swiss knives, chocolates and watches in Arab countries? That would hurt, I suppose.


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