AIDS with CONDOMS, a pound of prevention?


Surprised, yes i was hearing the news that AIDS incidence in the country is rising fast, and yet the society does not have enough to combat it, government was criticized for giving away condoms on valentine's day by the church and the church leaders think that they have the correct and wise alternative in preventing the disease, making me think that if one is religious enough, the virus cannot affect you.

The only thing that comes to mind is how could we prevent the disease with our human frailty and with our double standard morality?

I bet the church will advise us to abstain (REALLY?) and pray (FOR WORLD PEACE, IM CERTAIN). Try it, congratulations if you succeed as I am only talking about me, being a human being. The government can only give me counselling, more condoms and free tests at the RTMI.

I bet you would agree with me that everyone is susceptible to AIDS if we do not  really give it a serious thought, it is not only a lesbian, gay, transvestite or bisexual disease, like ANY OTHER VIRUS, it can attack everyone regardless of color and gender or even sexual orientation.

How then could we prevent it? By being loyal to one and friendly to the others? Oh come on, we are not saints with a marching band to boot. We just have to practice safe sex, I never told you not to have sex. Have it all you want, just do it safely. Think of this, the moment you have sex with a person, it is like you are also having sex with those who did it with them before you. You are the garbage bin, so to speak. That is why it is imperative to be protected and never be the dumpsite of their viruses.

It is also wise to think about the few minutes of pleasure and freaking satisfaction compared to years of agony and eventually death if we get infected.


Well, I am gay, and I am proud to be one and by being such, I need to have a purpose. It is because of the common notion of these dull people that gay people are the cause of AIDS. Well, tell me about it.

I am now delving into the obligation of saving others while it is not yet late. I cannot even dare say that I cannot get AIDS as I am as horny as you are, pretenders!

I am talking about being right. I am talking about people helping people realize that this is not a disease for LGBTs, but it is attacking everyone and now is the chance that we get our acts together to prevent the spread of this menace before our families get infected. Mind you, they are also in the list should they be unguided.

So, what are you waiting for?


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