Booted out of a restau for a kiss?

Zoey Heath and Jenny Kirby
Photo by Peter Lee of

The girl said in her facebook account that:
"Tonight, as we were getting ready to leave, my girlfriend and I exchanged a short kiss (no tongues I swear!) and we heard her [the café owner] exclaim "What's going on here!" and walk over to us and angrily say, "Stop that. That's enough. This is not the place for that."

"She was so loud that the whole café stopped and stared. One man was wearing a bathrobe (no pants) and actually said, "So it's ok for me to wear a bathrobe?" Of course, she had no response and quickly disappeared, but she made it clear that we (dirty lesbians) were not welcome. In the past, I have been in there with ex boyfriends and we have engaged in much more physical activity than just an innocent kiss, so I know that this is not just about people in her café kissing. It's a "gay" problem..." 

In an interview with The, Heath said  “I leaned over and pecked her on the mouth. It was a 20-second peck’

Owner of Huether Hotel Sonia Adlys saw the situation a little differently.

Waterloo's Café 1842 at the Huether Hotel in Canada
"I'm walking up to the café, standing beside the dessert fridge, and I see two young girls necking. I was hoping it would stop, but it didn't," said Adlys.

"We have senior people, families, we're a family restaurant. I walked up to them, yes I was maybe a little bit loud, and I said "excuse me, can you please leave?

"Whether it had been two males, a male and a female or two females, I don't want to look at that. It makes me uncomfortable," said Adlys.

"I don't care who she was with, it's not appropriate in a family restaurant." Gay kissing! In public! Think of the seniors! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!  
My take? IT WAS A PECK BUT LASTED FOR 20 SECONDS. I DON'T KNOW IF ITS STILL A PECK. There is only one thing, do the right things in the right places, a peck which would be for 3 seconds is not bad, not 20 seconds.


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