Millions have been hooked by Facebook and much more, they consumed all time, like me, with its applications, Mafia Wars and Farmville. For those of you who are behind the Facebook mania, many are thankful.

Old and young alike are glued to the internet and on their screens Facebook, Farmville and Mafia Wars. There is also Fishville, another application available in Facebook. All of these are enjoyable, addictive and most of all time consuming.

Let me be the devil’s advocate on the matter. Face it, students have been absent from class due to the internet, before it was online gaming alone but now, Facebook-ing tilling their farms in Farmville, harvesting that I cannot forget one couple after their dinner date which should have ended with one steamy action in bed, the wife after changing said to her hubby that the latter should go on ahead in bed as she will still harvest her farm in Farmville. That is just one reality the internet application has done.

Not to forget, government offices which has internet access are not spared as employees find time to run Facebook during government office hours and forget about work and deliver basic services. Others even choose to play on Facebook than get their regular meals, I am guilty.

Reality check. Though I am not dictating people to quit it, I am just concerned of how unproductive this addiction can be just like being hooked on drugs that some find ways and means just to be on the net. People have sacrificed families, work and studies just to give this addiction a chance to destroy them. Parents themselves cannot check on their kids due to the mushrooming internet cafes around and some cannot also check because they themselves are just as hooked as their kids.

We don’t have to define productive time, we all are of age to define it. There is no harm in doing the addiction but we just have to control ourselves as we may never recoup what have been lost due to sitting and waiting for harvest may it be on your farm or your fish tanks or energy packs in Mafia Wars. Think of the children.

If we have all the time in the world, fine. But let us save our children. We are molding lazy and unproductive people if we let them waste their time like what we do to ours.

Enough of the addiction. Let’s pause and think, for we may regret it. Happy Farming, long live the Mafia Wars, and choose the fishes well in the tanks.


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