Gay couple were buried alive in horrific French crime


French police say they still don't know for sure the motive 
behind the horrific death of gay couple Guy Bordenave, 39, and Luc Amblard, 56, who suffocated 
after being bound and gagged and buried alive.

A gay couple that went missing on March 7, 2009 in the French village of Cher has been found dead nearly three months later, AFP reported. The couple had been buried alive, officials said.

The bodies of Luc Amblard, 56, and Guy Bordenave, 39, who were entertainers living in the small village of Couy, were found on June 4, bound, gagged and buried in a hole about five feet deep, prosecutors say.

The cause of death by suffocation from being buried alive was confirmed by autopsy, said Prosecutor Eric Mathais at a news conference. "We did not find any trace of gunshot, or traces of violence, alcohol or drugs. The victims were dying," said the magistrate. 

Two men, between 53 and 37 years, have been detained by police for questioning. One of them knew one of the victims, and the pair was arrested on April 1 last year in the village of Cher. One of two suspects led police to the location of the bodies.

Both defendants were known to police, and have been indicted and jailed for "kidnapping, false imprisonment, followed by death.

Police have not determined whether hatred against one of the two victims was the motive for the horrible crime. The two men face up to life imprisonment. 


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