Leah Navarro writes Alan Peter Cayetano: AN OPEN LETTER

Dear Alan Peter,                              Sen Alan Peter Cayetano

When I made your acquaintance a few years ago through the Black & White Movement, I said to myself, now here’s a seemingly honorable man. You seemed so sincere, so forthright, and appeared to be God fearing and all about fairness, always looking for justice.

At the time, we were united in fighting for justice for Jun Lozada, standing shoulder to shoulder, I believed, to keep him safe and telling the truth. Before and during the NBN-ZTE scandal, we suffered through several impeachment attempts, and I really thought you were one of our champions.

We were so moved by your rabid chasing of the truth about Mike Arroyo. It wasn’t hard to think that you weren’t cut from that unsavory traditional political cloth, that you were one of those rare political stars, untainted and dedicated.

BnW was so impressed by your efforts that we honored you and your colleagues in the Lower House twice, once with Tita Cory in attendance, your head bowed as we prayed for you and sang your praises.

But then, I began to notice little changes here and there, a certain ambiguity to your actions. First, you support Manny Villar’s ascendancy to the Senate Presidency instead of cementing what would have been a Senate in opposition to Gloria. Then, in the midst of the NBN-ZTE hearings, you waffled and called off those October hearings because, as you told me over the phone, you believed there would be “nothing new or exciting” and that in your “heart of hearts” you knew “Ricky Razon had nothing to do” with the scandal.

After all that, I was still willing to believe that it wasn’t your resolve that was changing, maybe there was stress or even threat involved. But from then on, we were no longer as friendly, the greetings were chilly and the text messages ended. To be honest, I asked myself – did I set the bar of respect for you too high? Boy, oh boy, I certainly had a lot to learn about real politik.

And now this, the story I have appended below. Reading though it, I realized just how naive I was about you. It is clear that you are attacking with rabid viciousness several people you used to be so palsy-walsy with, people you so cavalierly used to catapult you into the senate when you ran in 2007. These are the same people that have, since they left the administration of GMA, been fighting tooth and nail for justice and accountability (two words you used to utter with such ease) under threat to their lives. And to think, you used to stand beside them.

For shame, Alan, for shame. You begin all your hearings with bible quotes, but your accusations seem to show a lack of Christian behavior. Here’s a quote you should chew on – Psalms 55: 12-14 “If an enemy were insulting me, I could endure it; if a foe were raising himself against me, I could hide from him. But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, my close friend, with whom I once enjoyed sweet fellowship as we walked with the throng at the house of God.”

I really expected better of you, Alan. Read through Maila’s story, you sound paranoid and hysterical. How could you have sunk this low, not naming those you attack outright, gleefully calling them names instead, leaving them no room for retort. That’s so smart, because then you can turn around and scream, see, see? They’re guilty!

You could have kept the discussion to a high level, but no, you decided to being the debate to a new, lower depth. If that is all you can do to defend your chosen presidential candidate, he’s in big trouble.

I am copy furnishing Dinky because it is clear that you speak of the Hyatt 10. I am copy furnishing Pastor Luigi and Enteng because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that you are attacking the same civil society you so easily aligned with when you needed allies. I guess that is all we are to you – pawns to be used, sacrificed on the election chessboard.

Thank you for showing me your true nature. I am no longer naive about you. Thank you, too, for firming my resolve to keep supporting Noynoy Aquino till and after he wins the presidency. You have proven me right, I am supporting the right candidate, a man of great character and integrity, a man who would never ask me to defend him the way you defend your champion.

Leah Navarro, 
Black and White Movement
Without prejudice,


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