HIV and AIDS: We Are All Part of the Solution


We can all be leaders. We can take more responsibility to do more as individuals, as communities, and as a nation to fight HIV and AIDS.
As individuals:
  • We should know whether or not we are infected with HIV;
  • If we are infected, we should seek medical care and protect others from becoming infected;
  • We should protect ourselves and others from HIV;
  • We should educate ourselves and others about HIV.
As communities:
  • We should mobilize to overcome the challenges and barriers to HIV prevention;
  • We should fight ignorance and complacency related to HIV;
  • We should increase the awareness about the severity of epidemic and the continued impact that HIV is having on our communities;
  • We should make sure that HIV prevention services, HIV testing, medical care and treatment are available to all who need them;
  • We should work to prevent stigma and discrimination—and to increase support for people living with HIV.
As a nation:
  • We must recognize the epidemic here, in this country, for the crisis that it still is;
  • We must implement the programs that scientific evidence tells us are most effective;
  • We must ensure that those who need effective prevention interventions have access to them;
  • We must come together to intensify efforts and the stop this epidemic
Tips for talking about sex and HIV with your partner.
  • Set up a mutually convenient time to talk to your partner.
  • Make sure you are in a relaxed environment so your partner doesn't feel pressured or "cornered."
  • Talk about your concerns from a personal perspective. In other words, use "I" statements instead of "you" statements which might sound accusatory or blaming.
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