The Church against Ricky Martin after his gay declaration while his brother supported Ricky's revelation


A representative of the Puerto Rican Catholic Church criticized Ricky Martin saying the star “cheated Puerto Rico and all their fans.” He also assured that his acceptance as a homosexual is “more a tie than a release”.

Eugene Rodriguez said “the homosexual condition of Ricky Martin comes running from long ago and now he come makes it public. He has been cheating his fans, ” he said.

“Ricky Martin’s fans has been deceived, specifically women, because now they know that their idol is a ‘duck’ (gay in Puerto Rico).”

Moreover, Rodriguez thinks that the “acceptance of his homosexuality will be a tie more than a release.” 
 Ricky giving his son a bath

Brother supports Ricky's revelation:

By then it wasn’t clear whether his companion was his personal trainer, his brother, or something else. The 38-year-old artist defended himself saying that the person in the photos was his personal trainer. “There is nothing bad to think, he is my coach,” revealed the “Livin la vida loca” singer.

Rebeca de Alba, who at one time claimed to be his girlfriend, had denied the rumors about Ricky’s sexual orientation.

Ricky’s brother, Eric Martin, expressed his support over his brother’s great revelation: “He is my brother, if he’s happy, I’m happy,” said Eric.

“He’s my brother and I love him with all my heart, regardless of his sexual preference.”

Eric had said in an interview with Inter News Service in December 2009 that “the greatest education I received from my brother is always fighting for what I want, even if it was two or three years late” .
Eric, a total transformation coach, added that the interpreter has taught him “to never lose my humility, as it is the most beautiful thing a person can have.”  (


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