Adam Carolla, Comedian and radio personality who now hosts The Adam Carolla Podcast, on Manny Pacquiao's refusal to do a drug testing before the fight against Mayweather, said that Manny's refusal is a "cultural thing" because "he is from the Philippines and then said that Pacquiao's faith consisted of "praying to chicken bones".

Carolla said these and more when discussing the Philippines with a man on the phone live and said, "Here's how you know when your country doesn't have a lot going for it: When everything is about Manny Pacquiao." Noting that Pacquiao is the Philippines' biggest celebrity and may be popular enough to be elected president, Carolla advised the Philippines to "Get a fucking life as a country." He added that due to Manny's popularity he also added "You want some guy with brain damage running your country? Why don't you get your shit together?" referring to us, Filipinos to get our acts together.

Carolla also said the Philippines is known for "sex stores" and even asked people to do research about the stores.

Here's the bio of this nutcrack:

Adam Carolla Biography
Adam was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to an Italian American father and a Hungarian American mother. During his morning show on August 1, 2006, Adam spoke of his Hungarian grandfather. He attended North Hollywood High School, where he was voted class clown and was the captain of his football team but never received good grades, graduating with a 1.75 grade point average (though due to an unreturned library book, he never actually received a diploma). Adam began living on his own at the age of 18 and briefly attended Los Angeles Valley College, a junior college, before dropping out to work in a series of jobs, including a carpet cleaner, carpenter, traffic school instructor and boxing instructor.

In his spare time Adam Carolla worked on his comedy skills, training with The Groundlings and attempting stand-up, but he didn't believe either of these were a good fit for him (though he did perform sketch comedy with ACME Comedy Theater for a few years). In his late twenties he heard an ad on the radio seeking a boxing instructor to train Jimmy Kimmel, who at the time was a radio personality on the KROQ morning show Kevin and Bean as Jimmy the Sports Guy. Adam met Kimmel at the radio station and the two became best friends. Carolla eventually joined the show's repertoire as Mr. Birchum, the Vietnam veteran shop teacher.

Here is the whole interview and bashing against not just Pacquiao but including the Filipino nation.


It really wouldn't have mattered to me should he bashed Pacquiao black and blue like a boxing match. He has his privilege as a commentator but commenting carelessly about a nation like ours is out of bounds. His rants about us being a nation and getting a life is uncalled for. While we may not be as rich and as sought after as the USA which he is at present, he does not have he right or an inch of it to advise us and talk ill about our culture, and what to do with our admiration for a boxer who has united the nation during his fights and has brought honor to the country.

I will not rant about America, I do not have the right unlike this unprofessional and insensitive ADAM CAROLLA who said that all we have in the country is Pacquiao and sex stores, think again. You have more sex stores there than the Philippines. We have more to brag not just Pacquiao. Ours is a country of faith and not praying on chicken bones unlike Carolla who sounds like an atheist and is definitely a son of the devil himself who pretends to be Carolla.

Write ups from America have said that Carolla was just taking a free ride from Pacman's stardom. and "kasikatan". His career as a comedian and actor is going nowhere and he has to do all of this just to get attention. I pity you, Mr. Carolla, you have to talk ill about us just to get noticed? Poor you.
Nevertheless, thank you Mr Carolla for showing that my nation is envied and talked about. Thank you for placing us on the map. What you did was not shattering the Filipinos but exposing your insecurity on how a great nation we are, and how we take pride in our brother's victory as a nation.


Have you ever seen a monkey like this? Only in America! Mind you, he is a comedian and a commentator. If he is in Manila, I would put him in the zoo.

Have you seen the most desperate, the most hopeless and insensitive American who is the son of the devil himself? ADAM CAROLLA. I wouldn't even buy him in a sex shop, he is virus.


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