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Dear june,
The U.S. immigration system, as it currently exists and operates, is fundamentally broken.
Untargeted raids in workplaces and neighborhoods and rogue enforcement agents at all levels are terrorizing immigrant workers, dividing families, and weakening our prospects for economic recovery. None of this makes us any safer, and none of it fixes the real problems with our immigration system.
It's time to stand up to the extremists who want to expel 12,000,000 hard-working immigrants and fight for a practical immigration solution rooted in the restoration of the rule of law, earned citizenship, united families and fair treatment for all workers.
President Obama supports immigration reform, but only Congress has the power to pass legislation.
Our broken immigration system results in hundreds of thousands of immigrants being detained each year, at times under conditions of such neglect that we continue to see reports of immigrants dying while in detention.
This treatment does not reflect the American values we stand for. We need a solution that combines the true American values of fairness, dignity, and opportunity.
Now is the time, this is the year — we need our elected representatives to lead.
Thank you for taking a stand,

– The Team in partnership with Reform Immigration For America


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