November 4, 2010 was the first day we passed by this edifice. The name was not that alluring so I just ignored it and with the people with cars lined up, it was not an inviting sight.It was better to drive to Ayala Center and have coffee than spend time lining up with that store that bore an uncatching name, S & R. Here is what it looks like from the outside.

The next day was a different story, after hearing that the day before was the store's opening, we decided to give it a try. Thanks to my future sister in law Rachel who took us there, still the line was long with cars waiting for their turn to get in a large parking lot that can cater to hundreds of cars.

The store is located at Ouano corner Perez Streets in Subangdaku, Mandaue City. Intrigued was I after I heard from my mother that it was similar to CostCo chains in the USA.All I had in mind that day was Makro, a comparison to the S&R.

We took our spot in line for membership as the store was only for members, like Makro. Shelling out 700.00 pesos and a photocopy of any 2 valid identification cards, one is given a temporary ID and then after having exchanged it for a permanent (ATM like) membership card which can also be taken from the next booth at membership section, they take your picture for the card, and in about 10 minutes, the permanent card is released. That permanence mean 12 months as the member should have their membership renewed by paying the same price.
Each card entitles a holder a tag along if and when shopping. Three more to be exact to be with the card holder but if kids are the company, there is no limit. You see, kids make one shell out a lot in the store. Nice marketing strategy should I say.

The member is given a huge push cart upon entering, should he desire. A pushcart is about three pushcarts in one, that big.

When we were in, I now fully understand why the carts are that big because of these inviting and wise buy goods.

This is the section where my eyes popped. Moist cakes, donuts, chocolates, strawberry cakes, cheese (lots of them), yoghurt, and a lot more at very reasonable prices.

I should have taken this life sized bear for my baby, too heavy and bulky to travel with it.

American pizza and what have you, they are available if you wait for your wife or company doing time consuming shopping.

The carpark outside with the cart I told you about.
There is a pharmacy and wellness center, there is a cold storage for the berries, fruits and other vegettables that cannot be bought at other supermarkets. U.S. Medium towels are sold buy 1 take 1, so as shampoo, conditioners, soaps and a lot more.

When the stocks run out, they immediately place a sign which says "For replenishment". Indeed, it is filled in after a few minutes. The people there know what they are talking about when asked about the goods, especially those that distribute samplers. Another interesting find is a set of lamps composed of 2 short table lamps and one long lamp for house corners which is less than 2 thousand pesos and the goods have warranties. No questions asked.
Another wonderful thing about the place is they emploe people with disabilities which is very heartwarming as you will find them busy like everyone else.

Another interesting commodity is the Christmas tree that one can place orders for only 3,999 pesos and the tree is a Douglas Fir, a live tree, a fragrant tree, with soft needles and a tangerine aroma, having it as a tree, you will feel as if you are in the Pacific Northwest. in the USA. This tree is very symmetrical and can be placed in any location in your home. This is the picture.

Cebu indeed is very lucky to have S & R, a wonderful choice from the boring supermarkets they have where we see the usual. Indeed, with all the variety of things in store, the shopping center poses a threat to the local supermarkets. I wonder when theS & R will invade Mindanao.

SOON I SUPPOSE. So, when travelling to Cebu, never miss dropping by.


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