Carole Day went to the Philippines (Manila) from Hong Kong on a business trip on the 10th of September 2010, she was staying at "The Corporate Inn":

The Corporate Inn
1005 Ma. Orosa St. cor. TM Kalaw Ermita
Manila, Philippines

She was intending to fly to Thailand (Phuket) on the 11th/12th from Cebu, however she did not arrive at her destination and has been completely out of contact since the 12th of September.

She was due to arrive back in HK on September 15th for a number of important events including a close friends funeral.

At present we believe it is likely she is still in the Philippines (Manila or Cebu).

Any details no matter how seemingly trivial will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact her son, Jai Day, at any time:

+(852) 9633 3071 or +(852) 9633 3071
+63 (0) 916 440 2851 or +63 (0) 916 440 2851


Carole Day

D.O.B: 19th July 1954 – 56 years old
Nationality: British/HK permanent resident of 22 years
British Passport: 707377691
Marriage status: Widowed – 6 years

2 Sons
– Jai Day (24) – currently in Manila
+(852) 9633 3071 +(852) 9633 3071
+63 (0) 916 440 2851 +63 (0) 916 440 2851

-Jamie Day (21) – currently in HK
+(852) 9820 7853 +(852) 9820 7853

Height: 5’4
Build: Slim
Hair: Blond/strawberry Blond
Eyes: Brown

Carole was frequently in the Philippines (Manila/Cebu multiple times per month) for business (furniture/interior decorations). She uses a showroom at LRI design studio:

LRI Design Studio
210 Nicanor Garcia St. (formerly Reposo St.),
Bel-Air II, Makati City

She has done business in Cebu in the past but had a falling out over quality of goods.
Original Plan (WAS NOT FOLLOWED):

10th HK-MNL (stay at corporate inn)
11th Man-Phuket (stay at the Kane residence)
15th Phuket-Cebu


She had to be back then for the following reasons:
17th – a close friends funeral
18th – Pick up a friend from the airport (from UK) who is to stay with us in HK for 2 weeks
(she is in HK now)
21st – She was to fly to London for the son of a close family friends’ (more than 25 years) wedding.
She would not have gone more than a day without calling to check in. She left her 2 sons at home.

Full timeline so far:

Friday 10th September

Jai dropped Carole at HKG airport for her 10.40am flight to Manila on Cebu pacific (flight no. 5j 111) on the 10th of September 2010. She arrived in Manilla and met her business partner at the LRI showroom at around 4 pm. At around the same time Carole called her friend's house at which she was planning on staying in Phuket speaking to the Housekeeper to inform them of her intended arrival the next day (Sept 11th) at 3pm. Carole and business partners worked and then had some beers (purchased from the local petrol station but consumed at the studio) in the early evening.

Business partner dropped Carole off at the Corporate inn at 7pm. Carole realized she had forgotten her Jacket at the showroom and informs business partner via text message.

Saturday 11th September

Carole calls the residence of friend in Phuket again to inform of her delayed arrival. She again speaks to the housekeeper. She now plans to arrive in Phuket on Sept 12th at 5pm.

2/3 pm business partner arrives at Corporate Inn with Carole’s Jacket. Remains for one hour and leaves.

Sunday 12th September

Carole checks out of the Corporate Inn hotel at 7.30am and proceeds to board a street taxi (i.e. not a hotel taxi). She arrives at LRI showroom at 8.30/8.45am. business partners are already there.

Carole begins unpacking 2 Ama’s bags (large, square, chequered plastic bags)
full of small items and pricing them.

9.30/9.40am – business partners leave. Carole remains still unpacking/pricing items.
This is the last known point of contact

When the business partners left she was roughly half way through unpacking. Estimated guess as to completion time is 1030-11.30am.

They left to work on the design of a metallic ‘leaf’ that she was producing for the Regal hotel HK.

As they leave she tells them that she plans to fly to Cebu and Phuket. She did not clarify in what order.

Monday 13th September
Business partner arrives at showroom. showroom manager is also present. All items from the bags have been neatly stacked, lights have been turned off in the showroom and the door has been locked.
No sign of struggle.

Last contact
She was last seen at the LRI design studio by her business partner at 9.30am on the 12th of September. When he left she told him she was going to Cebu and Thailand. It is not certain in which order, but he believes that the intention was to head to Cebu first.

Immigration status
According to Filipino immigration Carole has not left the Philippines,
but they are unable to check internal flights.

MANIFESTS SHOW SHE DID NOT FLY OUT OF MANILA. Bear in mind there are other ways to leave the city. It is highly unlikely she would have opted for these however by choice.

Confirmation of HKG-MNL roundtrip – G9IYST.
Round trip details:
Cebu Pacific
Sep 10th HK – MNL (NAIA T3) flight no. 5j 111: 10.40am – 12.40pm
Sep 15th MNL (NAIA T3) – HK flight no. 5j 118: 4.40pm – 6.40pm

Thailand Phone details:
Carole called the residence of friend in Phuket twice and both times spoke to the housekeeper.
The first call was on Sept 10th (Friday) 4pm – to inform of her arrival in Phuket
on the 11th (Saturday) at 3pm.
The second call was on Sept 11th (Saturday) – to inform of her delayed arrival in Phuket on the 12th (Sunday) at 5pm.



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