(This is a reprint from a letter to a blogger, Amiel (http://donavictorina.blogspot.com which I find interesting, we should also know the president's sibling off cam. After all, we are his boss.)

Hi Amiel. I must say that your blog is one of my daily "guilty pleasures."

The President has said a lot about his "No Wangwang" policy. How about following simple road rules like "No Parking" signs?

I am a resident of One Roxas Triangle -- the condominium building right behind the Mandarin Hotel. Early this year, right after the Mayen Austria incident in Valle Verde, Kris Aquino and her husband sold their Valle Verde home and moved into the building. This is actually the 2nd time Ms. Aquino became a resident of the building -- the first time was a few years ago right after the Joey Marquez "testicle clutching" and "bed burning" incident when she moved out of then Mayor Marquez's penthouse unit at the Essensa.

For a couple of years, we had to endure noisy showbiz types (like John Lapus) and bodyguards loitering in the lobby of the building (hey, we're used to bodyguards -- prominent businessmen like Henry Sy and daughter Tessie Coson, various Ambassadors and diplomatic corps members, and some politicians live in the building -- but our bodyguards are well trained and never loiter in public places). We also had to endure her son who would constantly bug residents in the pool area (I know he's a child with special needs -- I have a cousin who has one; but come on, with the hefty Association Dues we have to pay, we should at least be allowed to lounge around the pool area and sip our Riesling in peace). We were relieved when Ambassador Yuchengco purchased the unit Ms. Aquino was renting and she had to move to Times Street.

Imagine our horror when last February, Ms. Aquino moved back into the building. It was in the middle of the Presidential Campaign. Many Filipino residents in the building were sympathetic to her brother so we let her be. Besides, we thought that she would behave as she had "settled down" and had another son. But there followed little incidents. There was this incident when she glared at a long-time resident who was a friend of the Villars just because the resident and her bodyguard were wearing orange and her vehicle had Villar stickers. Then, we noticed that Ms. Aquino would have her vehicles parked on the street right outside the gate of the condominium building. The street (Cruzada Street) is a narrow street at the back of the Metrobank Center and the DBP Building. It is the street were residents of our building use to enter and exit the builiding. The street, because it is narrow, is an absolutely "No Parking" street. There are, in fact, signs prominently displayed along the street which announce "No Parking, Vehicles will be Towed". Ever since she started parking her vehicles there -- a Toyota Sequoia, a minibus, and a back-up vehicle, traffic has never been the same. And probably because of her alleged special friendship with our City Mayor, it is safe to assume that none of her vehicles will ever be towed.

The last straw, for me, was last Sunday. I was coming home from Sunday mass around lunchtime and I was bringing home some paella and cochinillo as I had guests coming for lunch. Imagine my surprise when hordes of vehicles were parked on a "No Parking" street. The traffic was horrendous. When I got to the driveway of the building, imagine my surprise when I saw a phalanx of bodyguard types loitering along the driveway and the lobby. It was then I learned that the President was visiting his sister and that the Presidential Security Group's vehicles were parked outside -- yes on the street which is a "No Parking" street! I was really upset!

No wangwang? Yes! But, for goodness sakes, the President should also follow a simple "No Parking" sign.

And please, I hope the President can just invite his sister to Sunday lunch at either "Bahay Pangarap" or at Times Street. Leave our Sunday lunch in peace!


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...and i thought i was the amiel you were referring to. hahaha. mistaken. my bad.

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