Gay love story: what happens after a man finds his prince?

In fairy tales, the diva princess always finds her sexy prince and they live "happily ever after." We see the struggles she faces in order to win her man and all the people that stand in her way. Of course, she looks amazing while doing it! We face many struggles as well: dealing with adversity, mate selection, drama, and sometimes a wicked hag or two that try to stand in our way; if only we had a magic wand to make them disappear!

So what happens after we face all these obstacles and find true love? The fairy tales don’t tell us what happens next: does he help her mop all those floors in their castle? Does he continue to take her on magic carpet rides or slay dragons to be with her? And let’s be real, is he even any good in bed? We grow up seeing these picture perfect romances, and aspire to have one of our own some day, but never know what happens in the “happily ever after.” So how are we supposed to turn a fairy tale into reality?

Keeping romance alive is mutual! Remember, in a gay love story, there are TWO Princes, which means two men to sweep EACH OTHER off their feet! Initiate the romance yourself. DON'T wait for it to come to you. Would he enjoy a night at the Fort Worth Symphony or the Opera House? What’s his favorite restaurant? What would put the biggest smile on his face? This can set the tone for the beginning of a very romantic evening!  

Money is not an excuse! You can still be romantic on a budget! Make him his favorite dinner at home! Light some tea candles and place them everywhere, play some soft romantic music and greet him at the door with nothing but a smile on and a glass of wine in hand (and make sure in a flirty way you let him know that you are the dessert!)

You could do something as simple as taking him down to the Water Gardens at night! Walking hand in hand, enjoying each other’s company, slowing down the pace a little and taking time to catch up and reconnect. You need to admire him and take care of him, otherwise someone else will!

To get your own “happily ever after,” you need to find ways to please your man and keep the romance alive. I’m not saying you need to bring home a dozen roses every day or carry him into the bedroom (although, I’m sure he wouldn’t object!) Together, you can each find ways to show that you care and that you are thinking solely of their happiness in whatever you do, without expecting anything in return!

If you can mutually do things to please each other, then you are headed in the right direction towards your “happily ever after.” If you are having trouble, then go back to the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. He doesn’t HAVE to be with you, he is CHOOSING to be with you. So, take that as a compliment and find ways to show him that he made the best choice possible!



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