My quest for the human side of AIDS, a personal experience - Part II


I then tried the website of men that offers massage and escort services for a fee. Once you open the site, you will find various photos taken by professional photographers and sure do they look great. Once you click on the photos, you will be rerouted to their personal details with their contact numbers, others are contacted through a handler while others are contacted directly to the man in the picture. Take note, the site suggests that they are for hire for massage, home service. There is also a disclaimer from the webmaster that they do not claim responsibility to their models and their services, especially extra services which depends on how the clients interpret them.

It partly says:
The sole purpose of this site is to provide information and to educate its readers.This is a NON PROFIT website. No money or any form of currency is collected and/or received prior to and/or upon posting of informations in this site. Informations contained in this site were collected from various websites while others are referred via various mediums of communication. All informations contained in this site are subject to change without prior notice. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented in this site; however, errors may occur. Be forewarned that use of the information contained herein may either result to fulfilling or unfortunate events. It is advised that you should proceed with caution upon use of information contained in this site. The owner of this site is not responsible for errors, crime and/or damages of any kind. All models in this site have already reached the age of legality and maturity, 18 years of age and above in the Philippines. Any nudity or suggestive pictures of models has NOT been required by the owner of this site. Instead, it’s part of the information that has been collected while others are requests made directly by the models, hence, with their consent. In connection, this site/blog has enabled its "CONTENT WARNING" prior entering of this site.
It also warned that " *Extra Services are not defined as SEX by this site, it only depends how the Models, Clients & Readers mean and will interpret this.*Sexual Services are not endorsed by this site, however its up to the models.*My BoyToy, will not be held liable for any crimes or damages you'll be part with."
I scrolled through each and every photo and Jocel caught my eye. A pleasant smile in black background, I tried sending an SMS to his published number and in minutes, he replied “tawag ka na lang.” So I did.

More than an hour later, we met at a mall and surprised was I, he was there wearing the same clothes as that in the photo in site. He has indeed the looks, a similarity of Coco Martin but he was shorter than he looks. But in totality, he was acceptable and presentable.

I dragged him to a fastfood chain and we talked. While enjoying pasta, we started with getting to know each one and he said he is living alone in Sta. Mesa in Manila, he was 21 years old though he looks younger in his age. He has a sister who lives in Olongapo City already married as he is also from Olongapo City, so he moved to Manila to look for greener pastures. Both of his parents are deceased that’s why he was unable to finish his education. He stays in a boarding house and I asked him why he did not apply for a decent job. He said that earnings are slow in fastfood chains and he worries of his daily expenses.

I inquired about the system involved in their website. He said all that they do is apply to be featured in the site by sending photos to the administrator. Once the administrator accepts the person, he is scheduled to do a photo shoot with their in house photographer that explains why all their photos are great.

He also admits there are also favourites in the site. The administrator himself handles models and they get the best exposure in the site. The favourites are also recommended to those who ask.

There are also times they get pranks like when a prospective client calls and makes them appear at a certain address like that in Cavite where he had to travel to Noveleta, Cavite to do “home service” and discovered that the address the client gave was only a prank and no one lives there by that name of the client. Imagine the expense he made and the traffic he endured travelling to Cavite from Manila only to find out that it was a joke. The problem was, his fare going back to Manila is not sufficient that he had to talk to the driver of the bus before boarding and good thing, the driver understood his plight.

There was also a client who called past midnight and after he served him, while waiting for a jeep, he was chanced upon by a group of drunks and was mauled black and blue.

I asked him if he is aware of the risk involved in his trade. He said, he is but cannot do otherwise he will die of hunger. He also said that there are clients who demand for things he cannot do and don’t get paid. Literally raped, these also come his way.

At this juncture, the government is not in view and in this situation, the threat worsens and would grow unabated making our efforts futile.

What if he gets sick? Where does he go? What will happen to him? These questions he cannot answer and I am sure he is also wary. I am also wary of the others who may be contaminated of the virus he would bring, if in case he gets the virus, slowly but surely.


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