Sexual Health Information about Gonorrhea


Akala mo malinis at walang sintomas? Karamihan ng tao na may gonorrhea infections ay asymptomatic, walang kirot at mukhang healthy. Maaaring carrier ka o ang partner mo kahit kilatisin up close! Siya nga pala, meron ding gonorrhea sa bibig at lalamunan. 

Makakatulong ang wasto at palagiang paggamit ng CONDOMS tuwing gigimik ng oral, anal at vaginal sex.Para matiyak kung gonorrhea or ibang klaseng impeksyon ang nakaapekto sa iyo, kumunsulta sa doktor. NEVER NEVER SELF-MEDICATE dahil magiging resistant lang sa antibiotic ang germs.


You may have heard of this STI by other names such as "tulo." Gonorrhea is a common STI which, if not treated early, can cause serious health problems.

Gonorrhea in women left untreated could lead to a painful, long-term condition called PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) and infertility (the inability to have children).

A pregnant woman can pass gonorrhea to her baby during birth, and cause a serious eye infection or blindness.

You can get gonorrhea from oral, vaginal and anal sex.

The symptoms and signs

If you catch gonorrhea from having sex with an infected partner, you might not notice any symptoms. If you do, they will appear three to five days after sex.

Even if you don't have symptoms, you can have gonorrhea and you can pass it on to others.

What to look for

discharge from the penis, may be thick and yellow-green in colour

burning feeling when urinating

pain or swelling in the testicles
possible rectal pain
rectal discharge 

new or different discharge from the vagina
a burning feeling when urinating

pain in the lower abdomen
fever and chills
pain during sex
vaginal bleeding between periods
vaginal bleeding after intercourse
possible rectal pain
rectal discharge 

To test for gonorrhea, a swab of the area is usually taken or a new urine test may be used at some centres.

How gonorrhea is treated 
See a doctor or go to a clinic and, if you have gonorrhea, tell your partner. 

Adapted from the Public Health Agency of Canada (http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/index.html)


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