Bravo MOCHA USON: Her take on the RH BILL in STYLE



I get a lot of questions on my email (, Facebook and Twitter regarding the RH Bill. What is RH Bill? Why do I support it? Would it help solve poverty in the Philippines? Does it promote abortion? Why is the Catholic Church against it?
The Mocha Girls and I are very active in promoting RH Bill for the following reasons:
1. Our country is over-populated. Whenever I see street kids begging for food and money, I wonder where their parents are. What will happen to these kids as they grow up? Who will educate them if their poor and uneducated parents are busy making more babies? The unemployment rate in our country continues to increase and so does criminality.
2. Teenage Pregnancy is increasing. A lot of young high school girls are getting pregnant. She maybe our neighbor or even a relative. When I first published my email (, I received lots of interesting stories. Some were good, hot sexperiences and some were pretty disturbing. A young 15 year old girl emailed me and told me that she’s troubled because her period’s delayed. She told me she just had unprotected sex. They did NOT use protection cuz her boyfriend said that condoms were unpleasurable.
3. Ignorance of the RH BILL. I asked my brother what does he think of the RH Bill. He said he’s anti-RH Bill. I asked him why? “Because our school said so”, he said. My younger brother is studying in UST, my alma mater. Like any other students, he is clueless about the RH Bill. He said that the RH Bill was bad or evil because the priests say so.
Yes, there are many people who are AGAINST RH BILL because of plain IGNORANCE. I will not explain RH BILL like what you see in other blogs. But I will try my best to simplify & summarize the RH BILL for everyone to simply understand it.

What is RH BILL?

RH BILL or REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILL summary of provision:

1. SEX EDUCATION is required from grade five to fourth year high school.
Anti-RH BILL supporters say- It is the parents’ responsibility to teach their children about sex education.
I SAY- How can parents teach their children about SEX if they themselves are uneducated. Would you rather be taught about sex by your parents or a professional teacher? In a CLASS D & E society, would you trust the irresponsible parents to teach their children about sex? They can’t even teach them proper hygiene so how would they teach SEX in a very responsible way?
Even if the RH Bill was passed, the parents still have the right to decide whether to allow their child to take Sex Education. At least the government is giving them access to sex education.
Anti-RH say – Natural Family Planning is the only acceptable method in God’s Eyes.
I say- Religion is something debatable. Not all Filipinos are Catholic. Educate the people and let them be the one to decide which is moral or not.The Government through Barangays will not only educate the people but the Government will make sure the Contraceptives are available especially to the poor areas. 
3. Although abortion is recognized as illegal and punishable by law, the bill states that, “the government shall ensure that all women needing care for post-abortion complications shall be treated and counseled in a humane, non-judgmental and compassionate manner.”
Anti- RH say – RH Bill promotes abortion.
I Say- the “right” use of Contraceptives will PREVENT abortion. “Sinners” , as how the church would call them, should not be condemned. They should be educated and helped so they wouldn’t repeat their mistake.
What pisses me the most is that Anti-RH insists the RH Bill promotes sex. Such hypocrites! Sex exists everywhere! That’s why we need to educate the youth about it. I receive lots of emails about girls being lied to by their boyfriends. Saying that condoms are not cool, not effective and not as fun and can even trigger AIDS/HIV just so they can have unprotected sex! One girl told me that she and her bf are doing the withdrawal method. The guy pulls out his penis from the vagina when he’s about to come. The problem is guys can ejaculate without them even knowing it. Pre-cum or pre-ejaculate is a clear fluid that comes out of male’s penis before they ejaculate. Although it is a small amount the girl can still get pregnant and contract STD’s (sexually transmitted disease) from it. That’s why the withdrawal method is NOT effective. Proper use of CONDOM can prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancy.
Lastly, we should all be alarmed by the increasing incidence of AIDS/HIV in our country. Research say there’s an estimated 11,000 undocumented and unreported HIV and AIDS cases in the country since 2008. The incidence of HIV and AIDS in the Philippines is hidden and growing. Now that’s pretty scary. Did you know that AIDS/HIV symptoms take years (even 10 years!) before they appear? So, if you had unprotected sex 9 years ago, it is still possible for you to have HIV/AIDS now. That’s why I encourage everyone to practice safe sex. Use condom! These facts can only be learned thru Sex Education and not through our parents alone. Only Sex Education experts can provide us with this kind of information. This is what I am fighting for- BE EDUCATED and LIVE FREE!
As I have said, there are more explanations regarding the scope of RH BILL. I don’t claim to be an expert on this. I want you to understand and embrace the RH BILL. Do some research and study the RH BIllDon’t just believe the PRIESTS. RH Bill not solely the answer to POVERTY in our country. But this one helps a lot. So whether you are a celebrity, an Executive or an ordinary Citizen – it’s time to stand against what the Catholic Church is saying.
Forgive me father, but YOU have sinned. You have been lying to the people. RH Bill is Pro-Life!


No, Mocha. You have not sinned, i agree. I also laud you for your bravery and taking a stand. It is really high time that people in showbusiness also impart their take on the issue as Filipinos look up to their idols in the business. They should also be brave enough to speak their minds. CONGRATULATIONS AND KEEP IT UP.



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