This is a transcript of the sworn statement that Clarita Garcia, wife of Gen. Carlos Garcia, submitted to US Customs Agent Matthew Van Dyke on April 6, 2004, in an attempt to recover the US$100,000 in cash that border officials confiscated from their sons Juan Paulo D. Garcia and Ian Carl D. Garcia in December 2003. (source: NEWSBREAK)


"I, Clarita D. Garcia, date of birth December 3, 1950, swear that the following statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

On or about December 19, 2003, I instructed my sons Juan Paulo D. Garcia and Ian Carl D. Garcia to bring cash in the amount of $100,000 into the U.S. from our home in the Philippines.

I told both my sons to declare the money when entering the U.S. The money was to be used as earnest money toward a down payment for a condominium in New York City where my son Timothy would live while going to school. Timothy was paying the rent in the amount of $3,000 per month to rent an apartment.

My son Juan Paulo told me he didn’t declare the money because, “It was too much hassle.”

Source of Funds:I always declare the money when I bring it into the U.S. I declared the money in 1993, in 1995 when I had a medical operation. I declared $100,000 on December 17, 2003. I also declared $200,000 in January 2003. My son Juan Paulo is a risk taker and is very spoiled.

My family’s income is from four sources, two corporations, a daycare school and my husband’s job as a Two Star General in the Philippine Military.

My family has an 80% interest in the two corporations and we may earn a monthly income equivalent to US$8,000. The daycare school brings in more money, perhaps $10,000 per month. However, based on the Philippine tax laws regarding both the corporations and daycare school, we are allowed to declare zero income.

My husband Carlos Garcia (Two Star General in the Armed Forces) was assigned to the Comptroller’s Office until April 4, 2004. He receives a salary that is declared as income for tax purposes. In addition, Carlos receives travel money and expenses in excess of several thousands of dollars.The income received from these businesses was not reported as a basis for tax liability. The two corporations IJT MANGO ORCHARD, INC. and IJT KATAMNAN CORP. were incorporated on March 22, 2002.

I often travel with my husband on business and my travel, expenses and shopping money in excess of US$10,000 to $20,000 is provided to me. He also receives cash for travel and expenses from the businesses that are awarded contracts for military hardware. These businesses are in Europe and Asia.

As the comptroller, my husband handles all budgets for the armed forces. My husband prepared the budget for the armed forces based on the requests from each branch of the military. The budget is sent to the Secretary of National Defense and it is sent to the Senate for approval.He also receives gifts and gratitude money from several Philippine companies that are awarded military contracts to build roads, bridges and military housing.

The Armed Forces Committee reviews the each contractor’s bids. Once the bids are approved and the review committee has checked out the companies, my husband is the final signature for funding the contracts. The expense money, gratitude money and shopping money is not declared as income.

My husband will always thank the person that provides the gratitude. If someone stops by the house with a gift or gratitude, my husband insists that their name and telephone number be taken so they may be called and personally thanked.

As the wife of a general, I am afforded several privileges including a 4,000 gallon per month gasoline allowance, security detail and five drivers. I have a military cook that also provides piano music upon request.

My husband’s position in the Armed Forces is one of privilege. The gratitude monies that he receives are common and unsolicited.

Contracted companies and personnel from the different branches of the armed services are grateful for my husband’s assistance and timely payments for contracted work.

In addition, I provided Agent Van Dyke with four page handwritten statement that explains my husband’s job and our additional source of funds."


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