Scientist believe they found a cure for AIDS/HIV

The South Florida Community dispensing care, treatment and prevention of the AIDS/HIV disease as well as patients got heartening news today as scientists managed to create cells in mice immune to the virus. If these cells can be developed in humans, the pathogen would be controllable.

U.S. Experts have discovered a way to avoid HIV infection, a fact that would prevent further spread of the AIDS pandemic, according to a study published in the journal "Nature Biotechnology". Currently, there are over 33 million people in the world infected with HIV/AIDS who, so far, have not found treatment to cure it.
Experts from the University of Southern California explained in the report how they managed to create cells in mice immune to the virus causing the disease. They reported that if these cells could be developed in humans, the pathogen will be con controlled, Prensa Latina revealed today on its Website.

The protein in question, the CCR5 receptor, is a surface of white blood cells that HIV uses to infect cells. Some time ago it was determined that people with a mutation in that cells are more resistant to infection.
Hence, the modifying, implanted cells would control the condition, which was found in rodents used in the test, but it is yet to be demonstrated if the same results be obtained in humans
"The challenge now is to apply the same method in humans , which would open the way to generate a virus -resistant proteins that can produce HIV -resistant cells in all the counterparts it infects" , said Paula Cannon director of The US  Labor Department.

We hope and trust we are at the dawn of a significant breakthrough period for finding a cure to such a deadly disease as AIDS/HIV. Have a full recovery soon, South Florida AIDS patients.(www.examiner.com)


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